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Custom Hosting

Datacenter - scalable, redundant, highly available

Our facility is fully compute, power and network redundant with 10G uplinks

We offer limited hosting on our servers but we have managed colo space available if you choose to build out a larger presence

Our colo partners are telX/Vantage, SunGard, Equinix

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  • 18 MW IT load capacity
  • 45,000 sqft of slab on grade data center space deployed in three (3) independent data modules
  • 15,000 soft / 3MW fully built and available, expandable to 12MW
  • Densities up to 400 W/sqft; Ability to support rack densities over 20kW
  • Electrical distribution to the floor at 400 volts
  • DX cooling coils with air-side economization
  • New construction – built and commissioned in 2011
  • Documented PUE of 1.12
  • LEED Platinum certified

    Two modules fully occupied and in production, third module (up to 6 MW) available Open Compute Project Design Class A amenities, including premier office space, conference rooms and facilities